Why Magento is a good choice for my e-commerce?


If you are thinking of starting an e-commerce now, choose the best platform is a concern that if you have not left you thinking, will leave. And if you ever Searched for it, you must have come across various names of present platforms in the market and also with various opinions (possibly diverging) about.

we know that this is a question that often leave many anxious people, we have even prepared an eBook to try to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of the currently used platforms.



One of the platforms for e-commerce management most widely used - and one that we most recommend to our customers, depending, of course, the size of the project - is Magento , and it is what we will cover in this post.

The e-commerce Magento was developed by Varien in 2007 and acquired by eBay in 2011. Today, it is used by more than 200,000 online shops around the world - a huge number, right not? One of the great attractions of this platform is that, as it was expanding, grew with it a large and helpful community of developers , allowing new ones are developed extensions and add - ons with many features.

What really needs to be clear is that it is a platform e-commerce open source , that is: it is a system open source . This means that this system can be downloaded from the internet for free, all ready for installation, but it does mean that installation is easy. On the contrary! Experienced developers can give the virtual stores in Magento, incredible and unimaginable features, but it can be extremely difficult to be run by those who do not have much experience .

Currently, Magento's e-commerce open source most used worldwide , and is the most complete, safer and friendlier to SEO techniques ! This may prove to reduce future spending on digital marketing projects for your store - not to mention that it is also fully compatible with the use of analytical tools such as Google Analytics - essential for the measurement of your online business!

To the joy of the world wide people, the platform has language packs and with all the features needed to create a virtual store in various countries, taking into account means of payment, freight calculation, inventory management and more.



But not everything is perfect. The Magento, like any other platform, it also has disadvantages . Although it can be downloaded and installed to form free , implementation costs are high because, as we mentioned earlier, changes this platform usually require a longer time developers who will perform this service - which, in turn, has increased the hours of work of all involved.


But this, we do not even consider a problem. The Magento e-commerce is so complete and confident that everything you need to do is to hire magento expert - payola time: type eVirtual Technology ! - to have a virtual store plump, functional and completely customized. Magento solution also counts with an exceptional back-end management!



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